About Us

About Us

Andreya Jones, Ph.D., LCSW, CST

Whether you are struggling with anxiety or depression, stress, life changes, lack of sexual desire, or difficulty in your relationship(s), I will work alongside you to identify your goals and lay out a path to achieve them. I have a passion for helping clients who wish to restore love, passion, intimacy, and respect to their relationship(s). Having grown up in several different countries, I enjoy working with clients from a variety of lifestyles, backgrounds, and systems of belief.

I take an integrative approach to therapy and adapt therapy to the individual needs and goals of each client. Creating an environment where clients feel heard, safe, and respected is something I highly value. I am a down-to-earth and discerning therapist who speaks truth with kindness. I believe that you get out of therapy what you put into therapy. Becoming your best self is a personal journey that I would be honored to walk alongside you on.

I am certified by the American Association for Sex Educators Counselors and Therapists as a Certified Sex Therapist and have a Ph.D. in clinical sexology. My practice is conveniently located in Camp Hill near Harrisburg, Hershey, Mechanicsburg, and the East and West shore. I will work to find a time and appointment pattern that supports your therapy needs.

Alexandria Jones, MSW, LSW

I am a Kutztown University master of social work graduate with a wide variety of clinical experience currently being supervised by certified sex therapist Andreya Jones, Ph.D., CST, LCSW. I have experience working in a variety of therapeutic settings including working with sexual trauma survivors, HIV/AIDS positive clients, the LGBTQ+ community, and individuals in the Kink/BDSM lifestyle.

I firmly believe individuals from all backgrounds should have an inclusive, safe, and healing setting to work through life’s difficulties without judgment.
In addition to being a mental health professional, I am a trained-mindfulness teacher in trauma-informed restorative yoga, meditation, and reiki. I use a collaborative, strengths-based, client-centered, and mindfulness-based approach when working with clients.

I love to travel internationally. In addition, I enjoy spending my free time training my therapy dog (Luna Love Beam), climbing, meditating, hiking, practicing yoga, and gratitude journaling.

Benée Justice, Ph.D., LPC, NCC

I am a Nationally Certified Counselor with an M.S. in Mental Health Counseling and a Ph.D. in Clinical Sexology. I also hold an M.A.Ed. in Health Education.

When working with clients, I utilize theories that emphasize self-awareness, freedom of choice, positive growth, mindfulness and strengths. I believe change comes with learning to trust one’s self, being open to new information, and having a willingness to grow. Together we will explore your thoughts, feelings, needs, and goals–apart from shame and guilt—while building esteem, resilience, and the skills for wellness outside of therapy. My goal is for clients to leave a therapy session feeling seen, heard, understood, valued, and safe. Each individual’s story is sacred and should be honored.

My therapeutic strength is reproductive health and sexual wellness for vulva owners. My passion is assisting vulva owners as they navigate their sexuality amid reproductive health difficulties. Navigating the physical, emotional and psychological wilderness of pelvic/vulvar pain disorders, infertility, termination decisions, pregnancy, postpartum and menopause can be overwhelming. Many struggle with REAL emotional difficulties when experiencing these unique challenges—especially while balancing intimate relationships, work, and family. It can be an exhausting, lonely journey. I want to meaningfully connect with you in your sexual wellness and support you with valuable information, specific interventions, renewed hope, and validation. You are not alone. It’s time to speak up, be brave, and embrace joy and pleasure again!

“When we are willing to risk venturing into the wilderness, and even becoming our own wilderness, we feel the deepest connection to our true self and to what matters the most.”

— Brene Brown

Lindsay Brooks, MS, ABS Certified Sexologist

I’m holistic in my approach as a therapist. When looking at an issue that a client may be struggling with I look at every aspect of that person or person’s life. I am here alongside you, to help you find your way to success and live your best life. I cannot do the work for you, but I will be your cheerleader, support, and coach along the way. My approach will be eclectic and blended to the needs of the client(s) and what will help in finding a resolution to each unique situation. Whether it is a mental health struggle such as depression or self-esteem issues, improving a marriage, or helping you redefine and embrace intimacy, my goal is to help you feel safe to explore and open your mind to ways of looking at things you may not have thought to try or explore before.

I have a Masters in Clinical Counseling Psychology, am a certified sexologist with the American Board of Sexologists, and am a kink-aware provider with the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. Currently, I am receiving supervision from Andreya Jones, Ph.D., LCSW, CST to pursue my licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor. I have worked with individuals, couples, and groups and am experienced working with the LGBTQIA+, ENM, and Kink/BDSM communities. I’m also a certified reiki level 1practioner and have worked as a meditation coach, led yoga, and been a personal trainer in the past.

Angie Zimmerman, Sex & Relationship Coach

As a sex and relationship coach Angie uses a specialized somatic based approach. This approach teaches clients the importance of embodiment in order to achieve emotional empowerment, improve personal confidence in themselves and in their relationships, and plug into their own eroticism. Angie is passionate about helping clients connect to their most authentic, intimate, sensual, and sexual selves. She believes and fosters the belief in her clients that we are all deserving of pleasure. Angie helps clients navigate the complexities of sex and relationships, assists clients in achieving deeper levels of emotional connection, and compassion for themselves and others.

Somatic Sex Coaching is an experiential form of treatment that offers a more physically interactive and hands on approach in which clients are led through exercises that help them feel safe, and comfortable in their bodies.

Somatic Sex and Relationship Coaching is different than traditional talk therapy in that it does not address mental health difficulties. Coaching is helpful for clients who want to improve their individual lives and/or their relationships. Through sex coaching, clients learn how to identify and address their current challenges. In that process they learn how to communicate effectively, how to create healthy relationships (both sexual and non-sexual), how to set boundaries, and how to process feelings. Angie then assists her clients in creating goals and works with them during session, on attaining those goals.

Angie has spent the last 23 years guiding clients through mindfulness practices such as meditation, reiki, and animal therapy by way of Animal Communication. Through these practices, she has helped clients learn how to effectively communicate, navigate and repair relationships. In addition to a Sex and Relationship coach, Angie is a certified Cuddle therapist and is attuned to Reiki level II.

Andreya Jones Counseling & Sex Therapy is the West Shore’s premiere sex therapy office. We offer sex therapy & counseling services for couples and individuals in Pennsylvania, in Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg’s East/West Shore, and Hershey, as well as to residents of Florida.